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Many lawyers, much like businessmen, are often more concerned with the bottom line of their cases rather than the people they represent. It’s exactly that kind of culture in large firms that pushed Matthew Jube to establish his own office and do things his own way.

The legal services that clients will expect from Matthew Jube will be centered on dedication and confidence. Matthew has spent most of his legal career defending individuals from large corporations and other powerful entities trying to take advantage of them. Many people fall victim to these actions, and it’s not right for the small guy to suffer from them. Matthew is passionate about ensuring everyone gets a fair day in court, and even helps the little guys get what they deserve.

The Law Office of Matthew Jube focuses on criminal defense, personal injuries and adoptions for the residents of Provo and other areas of Utah. These not only include the criminal defense and personal injury representation, but dog bite liability, truck accidents, misdemeanors, and a host of others as well.

It’s our mission to help you find justice if you have been wronged. Harmful actions, such as those that cause bodily damage or even worse, are not something you should ever let pass. It’s only right for you to seek what you’re owed, especially if you need it to aid in your recovery. As a professional legal service provider, it’s our work and obligation to help you overcome the odds.

The diversity of legal services offered by Matthew Jube allows him to reach and help as many Provo and Utah residents as possible. From adoption and personal injury to criminal defense, you can count on Matthew to use all of the legal tools at his disposal to ensure that the people he helps get the resolution they deserve. When you hire Matthew Jube, you hire a partner who will do everything in his power to ensure that justice is served. This is a decision you’ll be proud you made.

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Mathew Jube

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