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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Utah County

dogbite case

Dog bites shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to the latest statistics, there are 4.7 million incidents of dog attacks in the United States every year, and 800,000 of them require medical attention. While most bites aren’t fatal, they could result in time lost from work and high medical bills, requiring a dog accident lawyer for proper legal representation.

Each one of those cases has a victim entitled to receive compensation from the responsible party. Not everyone knows how to move forward with filing a claim, though. How does one go about asserting their right to recover damages?

Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws in Utah

There are strict liabilities when it comes to compensation for dog bites. Though animal bite laws differ across the US, in most states, dog owners are financially responsible when their pet bites someone. This applies regardless of whether the owner was negligent or unaware that the animal could be dangerous. The law is called a “strict liability” statute. In Utah, dog owners are strictly liable for any dog bites that take place.

People involved in an animal attack, therefore, need to speak with a dog bite attorney as soon as the incident occurs. As harmless as an injury may seem, animal bites can be disabling and traumatizing. On top of that, some people own large pets that can cause significant injury to a person. Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, provides legal assistance to residents in Utah with a dog bite case.

Other Instances Where the Dog Bite Law Applies

Utah’s dog bite law applies to more than just the bite itself. If a dog knocks a person to the ground resulting in an injury, the victim has the right to seek damages from the dog owner, too. Additionally, a victim may also put forward a negligence claim stating that a dog owner failed to exercise reasonable care, leading to the injury.

There are some exceptions to the rule: trespassing and willfully provoking a dog, either by hitting or acting aggressively towards it, aren’t acceptable grounds to file for damages. Anyone involved in an animal attack should, therefore, speak with a dog accident attorney before initiating a lawsuit.

dogbite case

What Damages can a Victim Recover?

The convenience of proximity allows Matthew Jube and his partners to respond to dog bite requests promptly. Whether you are in Provo or another Utah area, you can count on our dog bite lawyer to represent you in your case. Matthew Jube will assess the damage and formulate a plan of action on claiming compensation. We will not allow negligence to result in an untrained or dangerous animal run free.

Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, a victim may be entitled to recover the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rabies immunizations
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

In some cases, a victim may also receive compensation for punitive damages. The wrongdoer’s conduct should either count as reckless or intentional to justify coverage for punitive damages. A dog owner that allows a dangerous pet to roam freely near a school may be appropriate for punitive damages if the dog ends up attacking a child, for instance.

How Can Matthew Jube Help?

The damages of a dog bite can extend further than the initial wound. More than sustaining serious injuries, an animal attack can also cause trauma in young children, as well as infection and rabies if the dog failed to receive the proper shots. This is a common situation that Matthew Jube encounters at the firm, so he also knows that the consequences can be much worse. Count on him, a dog bite attorney in Provo, Utah, to comb through every part of the story for the victim’s proper recovery.

Matthew Jube is familiar with the complexities of dog bite laws in Utah. As a skilled trial attorney, he can negotiate with prosecutors and obtain substantial settlements for you. By trusting him to represent you in your dog bite case, you can expect the following:

  • In-depth investigation – He will investigate both the dog and the owner. If the dog has shown aggressive behavior in the past, then it could count as proof of the owner’s negligence.
  • An estimate of bite-related expenses – A dog bite can be costly. The law office will assist in calculating your expenses beyond the initial medical bills.
  • Insurance company negotiation – If you’re offered a low settlement for your injury, you can turn to him for help in negotiating with the insurance company.

Let Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, help you get the compensation you deserve. He will represent you aggressively in court to help you find closure and recover fully from the incident.

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