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Trying to win a DUI charge without legal representation is a foolhardy decision because the chances of pulling it off successfully are slim to none. Courts aren’t exactly willing to give the floor to someone who swears they weren’t drunk when they got caught. The justice system cannot give out pardons to individuals who say they didn’t do this without proof or representation. People cannot afford to make mistakes when dealing with a DUI charge. Oftentimes the charge will carry huge consequences, such as heavy fines or other penalties, that will stay with a person for years. The first and only question you should ask yourself when faced with such a case is, “Which DUI attorney should I hire?”

car key and shot glass

Answering this question is easy for anyone living in Provo, or other Utah areas, because they can hire the services of Jube Law. Matthew Jube has years of experience defending and upholding people’s rights against anyone that might take advantage of them; the government is no exception. While we all trust police officers to get it right, it’s unconstitutional to take what they say as absolute. It would be unwise to let any charge, let alone a DUI, pass. He’ll use all of his legal knowledge and tools to bring the case to the best possible resolution.

We urge people with ongoing DUI offenses to settle the matter as soon as possible. It’s not something you want hanging over your head for years, and trust us when we say that it’s going to be a hindrance for you in the future. With Matthew Jube as your DUI attorney in Provo/Utah County, you have a chance of clearing your name.

You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of the case, since Matthew will ensure that all the details of the case are well taken care of; however, he will still work closely with you and ensure that you’re up to speed on the developments of the case during every step of the process.

If Matthew Jube sounds like the DUI lawyer you want pleading your case, set up an appointment as soon as possible to discuss the best way to get the decision you want.

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